CS 349: Natural Language Processing

Spring 2016, Wellesley College


The course meets M and Th 2:50 - 4:00 in Science Center 364. See the syllabus for a bird's eye view.

All course notes, assignments, etc. will be linked here. Assignments are due at 11:59 pm EST of the due date (alternate Mondays). There are three quizzes, all open-book.

Click on the lecture topics to display materials. Required pre-class preparation is indicated; check the schedule a few days in advance. Reading responses are due at 11:59 pm the night before class, unless otherwise indicated. Other links are optional references.

If you are a non-Wellesley visitor to this page, note that most of the links will require special access, which I'm happy to give you. Click on the "request access" dialog that comes up.

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Jan 25


A0 due; A1 out

Jan 26

Jan 27

Jan 28

Probability and Information Theory

Jan 29

Feb 01

Probability and Information Theory

Feb 02

Feb 03

Feb 04

N-Gram Language Models

Feb 05
Add deadline

Feb 08

N-Gram Smoothing.

A1 due; A2 out

Feb 09

Feb 10

Feb 11

The Noisy Channel. Finite State Machines.

Feb 12

Feb 15
Presidents' Day

No class

Feb 16

Feb 17

Feb 18

Finite State Applications

Quiz 1

Feb 19
Drop and credit/non deadline

Feb 22

Edit Distance, Spelling Correction

A2 due; A3 out

Feb 23

Feb 24

Feb 25

Context-Free Grammars

Feb 26

Feb 29

Hidden Markov Models:
Intro, Viterbi

Mar 01

Mar 02

Mar 03

Project Pitches

Proposal due

Mar 04
Major declaration deadline

Mar 07

Hidden Markov Models:
Forward, EM

A3 due; A4 out

Mar 08

Mar 19

Mar 10

Hidden Markov Models:
Baum-Welch EM

Mar 11

Mar 14

HMMs wrap-up
Machine Translation

Quiz 2

Mar 15

Mar 16

Mar 17

Machine Translation

A4 checkpoint due

Mar 18

Mar 21
Spring break

Mar 22
Spring break

Mar 23
Spring break

Mar 24
Spring break

Mar 25
Spring break

Mar 28

Machine Translation,
Context Vectors
  • reading required

    (excl. 19.3.1, 19.4, 19.5.1, 19.6, 19.8)
  • slides

A4 due

Mar 29

Mar 30

Mar 31

Vectors, Clustering, kNN

A5 out

Apr 01

Apr 04

Neural Networks

Apr 05

Apr 06

Apr 07

Dimensionality Reduction,
Neural Networks

Project update due

Apr 08
Ruhlman poster abstracts due

Apr 11

Speech Processing

Apr 12

Apr 13

Apr 14

Speech Recognition

A5 due; A6 out

Apr 15

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri

Apr 18 Patriot's Day

Apr 19

Speech Recognition (contd)

Apr 20

Apr 21

Language Variation
Social Media

Quiz 3

Apr 22

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri

Apr 25

Automatic Summarization
Sentiment Analysis

Apr 26

Apr 27
Ruhlman Conference

Apr 28

NLP and Journalism
Language Acquisition and Change

A6 due

Apr 29

May 02

Project Hack Hour

May 03

May 04
Withdraw deadline

May 05
Reading period

May 06
Reading period

May 09
Reading period

May 10

May 11

May 12

Project submission due

May 13