CS 349-02:
Machine Learning

Spring 2017, Wellesley College


required readings are indicated; others are optional. If a required reading is posted at least 60 hours in advance and associated with a response form, you should to do it and respond before class. Otherwise, read on your own time, preferably not too long after the date. Required readings are valuable supplements to lectures, so it's in your best interest to look at them. Lecture slides are more outlines or props than detailed references.

Bring laptops to class when indicated.

Legend: Assignment Due Assignment Out Final Project Milestone Due Quiz

Thu, Jan 26


Survey due PS0 out

Mon, Jan 30

Vector Spaces, K Nearest Neighbors

PS0 out PS1 out

Thu, Feb 02

Python Review, kNN wrap-up laptops

Mon, Feb 06


Thu, Feb 09 :: Add deadline tomorrow

Snow day

PS1 due PS2 out

Mon, Feb 13


Thu, Feb 16

Feature Scaling, Logistic Regression laptops

PS2 due

Tue, Feb 21 :: Monday schedule

Logistic Regression

In-Class Quiz 1 PS3 out Quiz 1 Solutions

Thu, Feb 23 :: Drop deadline tomorrow

Logistic Regression

Mon, Feb 27

Regularization, Multinomial LR, Text Features, Recommender Systems

Thu, Mar 02

Recommender Systems

PS3 due PS4 out

Mon, Mar 06

Feature Bake-Off, Clustering laptops

Thu, Mar 09

Clustering, Dimensionality Reduction

PS4 due

Mon, Mar 13

Dimensionality Reduction

Take-Home Quiz 2 (on PS3 and PS4) due

Thu, Mar 16

Dimensionality Reduction Review, Bias and Fairness

Mon, Mar 20

Linear Regression, Decision Trees

Thu, Mar 23

Project Proposals

Milestone 1 due

Mon, Mar 27

Spring break

Thu, Mar 30

Spring break

Mon, Apr 03

Neural Networks: Introduction

PS5 out

Thu, Apr 06

Neural Networks: Backpropagation

Milestone 2 due

Mon, Apr 10

Backpropagation Wrap-Up, Adversarial Inputs

PS5 Part A checkpoint

Thu, Apr 13

Neural Networks: Keras and CNNs

PS5 due

Mon, Apr 17

Patriot's Day

PS6 out

Thu, Apr 20

Neural Network Sequence Models

Milestone 3 due

Mon, Apr 23

Langauge Models

Thu, Apr 27

Generative Models, Naive Bayes

PS6 due

Mon, May 01

Project Hack Hour and Quiz

In-Class Quiz 3 (on PS5 and PS6)

Thu, May 04

Project Hack Hour

Mon, May 08

Reading Period

Thu, May 11


Milestone 4 due

Mon, May 15


Final project due

Thu, May 18